vendredi 30 avril 2010

Louis Koo Tin Lok - Lan Se Di Yuan Fen 古天乐 - 蓝色的缘分

What's supposed to be a pepsi commercial MV turnes into a beware-of-the-tanning-spray advertisement. The video is cute but Louis Koo is obviously not a singer.

mercredi 28 avril 2010

Leo Ku Kui Kei - Chun Tian 古巨基 - 春天

Chun Tian is saved by the high use of traditional chinese instruments... The video is bad (Leo Ku and some drama), but the song manages to be quite emotional.

mardi 27 avril 2010

Christine Fan Wei Qi - Yi Ban Di Wo 范瑋琪 - 一半的我

Very nice and touching song. Christine Fan is a great singer, I really like her. She's too thin though ! Go eat something Girl!

dimanche 25 avril 2010

Jacky Cheung Hok Yau - Wǒ Zhēn Dí Shòu Shāng Le 張學友 - 我真的受傷了

Boring song with a random video. Half is Jacky drunk (well he's actually trying to look sad but he fails). Other half is a probably crappy drama or movie with Kren Mok / Mo Wen Wei).

jeudi 22 avril 2010

Kelly Chen Hui Lin - Xi Wang 陈慧琳 - 希望

Nice little song with a lot of traditional elements. Kelly Chen'voice is quite boring, but there's a lot of background singers, so that's OK. Boring video though.

lundi 19 avril 2010

A Sang - Ji Mo Zai Chang Ge 阿桑 - 寂寞在唱歌

Very powerful song with a artistic, sad and erotic video from the gone-too-soon A Sang. She is missed !

samedi 17 avril 2010

Michelle & Vickie - Du Li 蜜雪薇琪 - 獨立

Perfect song for springtime, so fresh and cute, just like Michelle & Vickie in the video !